Pocket Signs
the fast way to audit your authority's traffic signs

Uses powerful Pocket PC technology
  • standard hardware
  • Microsoft Windows™ operating system
  • Immediate switch on, no boot up time
  • Large bright colour touch screen
  • Simple data uploads to an office PC
  • Manufactured in large quantities with excellent service support
  • Numerous suppliers of plug-in devices
  • Reusable in the office or in the field

Lightweight and compact - 300g
  • Easy to use over a working day
  • Handily stored in a pocket after use
  • Ideal for hand held data collection
On-board GPS
  • Global Positioning System plug-in card fits neatly into the top slot
  • Auto GPS software detection
  • Typical accuracy - 3 metres

High capacity memory card
  • Stores both 1:10,000 and 1:50,000 OS maps with AddressPoint™ data
  • High resolution map enables sign location with an accuracy of better than 1 metre

Sign definition by screen icons

  • Eliminates skilled operators
  • Complies with the latest Traffic Signs Regulations
  • Rapid collection rates can be achieved


Uploading the data
  • At the end of the working day each Pocket PC is connected to the office PC
  • Sign data is imported into an Access™ database (or other) and in many cases can be imported as a data layer to an existing GIS system

Smoothe map scrolling

  • Adaptive Geo's super smooth scroll software allows the user to scroll the map without blurring
  • Map location may also be chosen via AddressPoint™

Non standard signs

  • A digital image of the sign is associated in the database
  • In addition to the sign reference, unique details are then available for sign replacement at a later date

A fascinating case study of Pocket Signs in action can be downloaded here.


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